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Congratulations on your completion of the Emotional Wisdom with Essential Oils Coach Training Program.

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Filling Out a Form

Emotional Wisdom with Essential Oils Coach
Practitioner Agreement

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The Emotional Wisdom with Essential Oils Coach Training Course was designed by Carolyn Mein, D.C. and Scentsible Lifestyle Association (represented by Trustee, LeeYen Anderson) with the objective of certifying coaches around the world to facilitate, for themselves and others, the ability to incorporate life lessons through understanding and clearing limiting emotional patterns. The purpose of this training is to spread this modality that can support the raising of global consciousness in partnership with sacred essential oils, empowering all to embody their Highest Potential and to manifest their Divine Destiny with ease and grace.

As a Certified Emotional Wisdom with Essential Oils Coach, you will be asked to uphold this objective and purpose.


Intellectual Property Right of Use                    

  • All course-related materials are not to be shared in part or whole with anyone that is not a participant of the Training Course. This prohibition includes all videos, PDFs, forum posts and any other course-related content not mentioned. Screen shots, website links, website log-ins or other ways of sharing these materials are strictly prohibited. 

  • You may share the picture of the emotion(s) that your client is working on for them to practice at home from the Online Oils Lookup subscription or the hardcopy of the ‘Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils’ book. If the client is working on multiple emotions for the longer term, please encourage them to purchase the book or subscribe to Oils Lookup. 


You will be certified as an Emotional Wisdom with Essential Oils Coach and will be expected to represent yourself that way. Some examples of other titles could be:


Emotional Wisdom Coach
Emotional Wisdom Practitioner
Emotional Wisdom with EOs Coach
Emotional Wisdom with EOs Practitioner


Do not use any other title to describe yourself if you are to represent this modality.

In accepting this certification, I have read and agree to the following fundamental ethical practices in my coaching practice. I will:                

  • Lead sessions without any personal agenda or expectations as to the outcome by staying centered in my  own integrity, being aware of my own triggers and not discussing my own issues with the client.

  • Respect my client regardless of their beliefs, actions or stories without judgment. 

  • Commit to the responsibility of consistently expanding my own consciousness by practicing this modality on myself or asking for coaching from this community of certified coaches. 

  • Be a guide that holds nurturing space to support my client in their own journey through life. I will not promise anything more than I can deliver, including claims to cure my client.

  • Refer any clients to other professionals if I believe that their needs are beyond the scope of this modality. For example, a client that threatens suicide or is severely impacted by addictions.

  • Respect the confidentiality of my client unless there is a legal requirement served to reveal identities or if I learn of an abusive and dangerous situation.

  • Adhere to all local guidelines and regulations of the coaching industry, including such legal requirements as Informed Consent Forms or Insurance Coverage.

  • Inform my client that this modality was created with the intent of using only Young Living Essential Oils because of their pure and potent quality.


Carolyn Mein, D.C. and Scentsible Lifestyle Association (represented by Trustee, Lee Yen Anderson) reserve the right to withdraw the certification as an Emotional Wisdom with Essential Oils Coach if it is determined that the terms above have been breached. 

All certified Emotional Wisdom with Essential Oils Coaches are members of Scentsible Lifestyle Association (SLA); however SLA will not be involved in the coaching relationships that are created by you and your clients. Membership in SLA is subject to the terms and agreement that you signed and agreed upon when enrolling in this training. Click here to review this document.

By signing the box below, I assert that I have read, understood, and agreed to this entire document.     

Congratulations! You will receive your certificate by email within two weeks.

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