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Image by Raimond Klavins


I am honored that you are considering allowing me to walk with you on your path for an extended period of time. I know that your heart has led you here for a reason. I am excited to guide you deeper into trusting your intuition to live your Divine Path. 

In allowing me to walk with you for 3 months, I will guide you to become your own wise healer. The practices that I will share with you will have a holistic perspective to align your Mind, Body & Spirit to experience soul coherence. This may include deep journeywork to find parts of your soul that may have stayed in the past, meeting your inner child and learning to parent him/her, seeking guidance from your spirit team and meeting with plant spirit teachers for transmissions. Customized practices of intuitive eating, meditation, shen gong, yoga and reprogramming thoughts can be in the coaching sessions.

This customized coaching series can propel you to the next level of evolution in your growth by transmuting your shadows that is hidden in your subconscious mind and activating the parts of your DNA that reveals your gifts that you are meant to bring to the world in this lifetime.


Attune to your Soul Coherence within to Live to your Highest Potential in partnership with Plant Spirits, Crystal Angels and Sound Vibrations to unlock the genius in your DNA. 

We will be using Young Living Essential Oils in this coaching program. If you are not yet a member of Young Living, you will be receiving the essential oils that we will use for our time together.

If you are wondering why I choose to use Young Living Essential Oils in my holistic wellness coaching program, read this 3-part blog post.