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3 lessons learnt

When I first started my Brand Partner journey with Young Living on Jan 1, 2014, I had a deep knowing that this was a most aligned addition to my meaningful work in this lifetime. The excitement was palpable, and I felt a joyful tingle it in my body every single time I had a friend decide to join me in inviting Young Living Essential Oils into the home.

There were many lessons learnt along the way and in this post I would like to share 3 specific ones that stands out for me.

Lesson No. 1

Add Young Living to who you are, not drop who you are to focus only on Young Living.

What do I mean by that? There is a lot of hesitation in stepping into becoming a Brand Partner with Young Living because of the "commitment" one thinks needs to be made. In fact, there is a fear of becoming "one of those" annoying sales people who don't talk about anything else but what they sell. I am here to say that I believe the ones who have the mindset of adding Young Living to their current lives versus quitting everything else to become the "oil lady" usually have less stress and are more likely to persevere over the longer term.

One of the dangers of quitting your "job" to pursue being a YL Brand Partner as a career is the immediate plunge in the number of people you encounter each day. You also suddenly become the person with no other interests except being a Brand Partner.

Each one of us have a unique set of gifts to offer to the world and they can be expressed in a myriad of creative ways. In stepping into our Inner Authority of embodying all of who we are, we are naturally attracted to serve our community through these self-expressions.

Some examples are by teaching Yoga, consulting on nutritional balance, fitness training, tutoring children on a variety of subjects, executive coaching, sound healing. interior decoration and so many more options! Observe that in every single one of these work options, Young Living Essential Oils can be a part of your offering.

In other words, using an example of an Interior Decorator, your services will be as an Interior Decorator that offers a non-toxic alternative to candles with artificial fragrance amongst other ways that scent enhances the aesthetic of space.

Pursuing your interests outside of just being a Brand Partner is also important. Examples of these types of activities are joining (or starting) a Book Club, joining retreats that focus on your area of interest, attending events outside of the Young Living Brand Partner world, organizing events that are not only focused on essential oils.

When you are out in the world using your skillset to serve or cultivating your interests and interacting with others while doing so, you will be crossing paths with the people that are attracted to what you do and who you are. These relationships will flourish not because of Young Living yet will be expanded because they will experience the magic of the essential oils as they get to know you better. Your Young Living organization grows organically through these interactions and you do not lose your identity in the process.

Lesson No. 2

Work towards your dream, not "I am going to retire my husband".

The majority of Young Living Brand Partners are women and so many of us had the goal of retiring our husbands. That includes me! From my perspective it was a gift I wanted to give to my husband and children. The gift of time with Dad, since he has worked so hard to provide for us all these years and it is "my turn" to provide for the family. It got as far as me paying for the deposit and monthly payments of our house in Hawaii before I realized that my true intentions were really tied to me proving to myself that I was capable of bringing in the income and boosting my ego.

The resulting fatigue from my efforts was a wake-up call and the realization that my husband was never going to retire because of my income anyway! He loved his work too much and it gave him a sense of purpose that being a husband of a Young Living Diamond Leader could not. The truth is the amount of work I do now is the same as before but without the added stress of this thought constantly in my mind: "I have to get to a certain income to retire my husband before he turns 60!"

I also witnessed the challenges that families went through when the husband did retire as it brought out the resentment in the wife who now has a husband that "lazes around all day". Needless to say many of these things resolved itself when the husband was allowed to find himself again through his own meaningful work.

Lesson No. 3

Build your organization for the long term, not just for Silver Rank.

This is a classic case of wanting immediate gratification versus being patient for the longer term rewards. The strategies in building our organization for maximum income is based on the idea of building a fractal hexagonal structure. Imagine a snowflake crystal that repeats itself over and over again as it grows. In simple terms, every Brand Partner is going to link arms with 6 other Brand Partners to build 6 organizations that is serving all the customers within them.

However in focusing on the shorter terms instead of the longer term, many of us, including me, placed Brand Partners under the 1st two organizations to build the volume in there to achieve the rank of Silver. In the longer term, it was harder to find 4 more Brand Partners to partner with since we had already placed a few of the likely candidates under the other 2 Brand Partners.

If you don't understand this, you can watch this video to find out more.

There you go. 3 lessons that I have learnt in my 9 years of being a Brand Partner of Young Living. I trust this is of value to you!

If you are a customer with Young Living in The Scentsible Tribe and would like to explore what it means to be a Brand Partner, I would love to chat with you! Click the button below to schedule with me.

If you are not yet a customer with Young Living and would like to add Young Living Essential Oils into your life, browse here for my most favorite discounted Starter Bundles. Of course, I would love to chat with you about it and you can click on the button below to schedule!

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You are so right! I kinda left for a while cause I got caught up in the rank and YL "sect-like" tribe/life and i did not like what I was feeling so I quit, but your post is really encouraging and I agree with you. I'll have to re-read again and again though to not fall on that trap again. THANK YOU FOR THIS!

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