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Diving Deep

Diving. The very word conjures up fear, excitement, triumph, delight.

To dive deep is to explore with curiosity. We are all familiar with the signs at swimming pools that are in bright bold letters - NO DIVING - warning of the possibility of hitting your head, a most precious implement you need to live this one wild life you have. 😝

Heeding all sensible precautions, I invite us all to be curious about what is under the surface of our socially conditioned selves. 🤓

What is waiting just beneath the surface for us to uncover? Delightful treasures that we, unwittingly or not, buried, almost always as a way to keep ourselves safe from perceived threats to our safety. 🙈

Have you looked inside your heart lately? I invite you to venture deep; it is a place of such immense indescribable beauty. ♥️

Uncovering your essence one layer at a time is a tender process. It requires courage, community, and a willingness to get vulnerable to feel all the feels. 🦋

Why do it? Why not stay in the comfortable place where you are at?

Because the yearning in your heart, the frustration you feel, the boredom of your daily life, they are all messages to you that it is time to grow. 🌱

Are you ready to dive deep, dear One? Let’s have Virtual Tea so we can link arms to discover your buried treasures! 💎 .

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