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Essential Oils, Mindset and Emotional Wisdom

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Definition of Mindset

Dr. Carol Dweck, a noted psychologist defines two types of mindsets, a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. According to Dweck, a fixed mindset is present when a person believes that there is a limit to their success based on obstacles and constraints present in their lives and they compare themselves to others with a defeatist attitude. A growth mindset is when a person learns from their experiences and makes an effort to improve their behavior based on feedback and results.

Definition of Emotional Wisdom

Emotional Wisdom is the spiritual awareness to discern the messages of the emotions that arise within us as we go through life's experiences and the ability to respond accordingly by learning to express ourselves appropriately with loving kindness. Emotional wisdom is a trait that can be practiced and molded over time with training of our thoughts and behavior.

The positive and negative polarities of emotions are present within all of us and we can think of them as moving from lower to higher frequency. David R Hawkins' work on the Scale of Consciousness show the frequencies of emotions ranging from shame at the lowest to peace at the highest before enlightenment.

Source: David R Hawkins, 'Power vs. Force'

Positive or higher frequency emotions can support us in being more open to change and in the active participation of adapting and evolving to our own needs and in service of others. These characteristics correspond with a growth mindset. Negative or lower frequency emotions limit our ability to engage in learning or the exploration of our growth potential and may keep us stuck in a state of victimhood, corresponding to a fixed mindset.

Emotional wisdom is when one understands and is receptive to discovering the gift and message in all emotions and is committed to taking responsibility for one's own actions without the need to fix themselves or anyone else.

According to the concept of vibrational resonance, when we are vibrating at a frequency that is higher than the people around us, their discordant energies can be tuned into our higher frequency as their cells and organs come back into resonance with original programming. This would suggest that as we work on our own mindset and emotional wisdom, we have the capacity to shift the energy of the people around us towards more harmony, thus avoiding the conundrum of 'wanting to fix others' who don't necessarily want to hear what we have to say.

Essential Oils to cultivate Emotional Wisdom and a Growth Mindset

We are electrical beings that vibrate at frequencies between 62-68 Mhz at a healthy level. Our frequencies fluctuate depending on our thoughts. emotions, the kinds of food we eat, the company we keep, the type of content we read and the visual media we watch.

Therefore accompanying an intention to maintain health, one can have a goal of maintaining a spectrum of harmonic vibrations within the body. Essential Oils are the highest most coherent measured frequencies of all natural substances. Partnering with the intelligence of plant spirits that are in essential oils can be an effective technique to cultivate emotional wisdom. All essential oils have emotional impact because the fragrant molecules enter the nose and stimulates the emotional brain first before passing into the rational brain.

Source: David Stewart ,PhD 'The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple'

Changing an emotional pattern engages the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the body. Identifying and understanding the emotional pattern uses the mental body. Increasing awareness and being open to learning from the situation is the spiritual aspect. We anchor in the shift in perspective with an affirmation. We access the emotional aspect by feeling both the negative and the positive sides of the emotion. And we also clear the cellular memory in the physical body by inhaling and applying essential oils.

Source: Carolyn Mein, D.C., 'Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils'

I like to pair the mental aspect of recognizing and identifying our emotional patterns with the Gene Keys Approach. This includes contemplation, patience, gentleness and inquiry on the shadow, gifts and siddhi aspects of our hologenetic profile.

How does the brain process essential oils and how does it affect our emotions? Read more in this blog post.

Explore Further

Interested to explore further?

Watch this vide as I introduce Emotional Wisdom with Essential Oils.

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You can choose to work with me in a Scentsible Holistic Coaching Program that will be customized for you and could include an exploration of your personal Gene Key profile and 4 blends handpicked for you that will correspond with your Activation Sequence that speaks to your Life's Work, Evolution, Radiance and Purpose over 3 sessions. We will work on recognizing emotional patterns and cultivating emotional wisdom.

Train to be an Emotional Wisdom with Essential Oils Coach

I invite you to join our Coach Training Course. This 12 week course will certify you as an Emotional Wisdom with Essential Oils Coach, based on Dr. Carolyn Mein's work.

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