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Light of Purity

As I ride the waves of my breath with my awareness, I enter my body

I bare myself completely

I dare to keep my inner eyes wide open

I peer deep into the essence of my soul

What catches my breath?

This beautiful, pure, luminous light,

Glowing in the deepest, darkest part of me

The thought arrive right on cue - are you pure?

The doubt comes with an ache, so deep and familiar,

A yearning that spreads from my heart down to my belly

It sparks a memory, a remembrance that this is a path well worn

One that my human self comes back to over and over again

This time, I allow it to flow right through me

No judgements, no ifs, no buts

This time, the light is so pure that the doubt merges into it with beautiful sparks

This time, the corners of my mouth eases upwards on a current of joy

This time, the joy travels up to my eyes,

Releasing tears of salty encoded thoughts

That my human self is practicing loving into liberation.

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