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Showing Up For Love

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

The child that is borne of love and that represents love

Knows the depths of suffering when

The longing for touch is not met

When the need for nurture is dismissed casually.

The presence of love in the heart,

Even in the one that has been abandoned,

Reveals the true human desire that needs no teaching.

We feel sadness and pain when

We believe we are unloved

When we believe we are not wanted

When we believe we are never good enough

How does one show up for the one who is perceived to have forsaken them?

With tender awareness,

With loving forgiveness,

With kind compassion.

As one steps through this portal,

An open heart is required.

A heart that receives the grace of resilience with gratitude

A heart that forgives with ease

A heart that honors the reality of the longing for love

Even in the one that has not shown it

Or who has just simply never known how to show it

Without a sense of betrayal

To the code of conduct they have been programmed with.

An open heart can feel the deeper layers of love

That does not need to be flashy or loudly vocalized.

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