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Trust is a choice

A paralyzing breath stealing kind of choice

A choice my deep knowingness makes in the moment of silence

In between the mundane and the next breath

When I allow the awareness that is so ancient and wise to rise to the surface

I surprise myself with the surety that only an informed one can have

Have I been trusted with secrets in lives past?

Do I hold stories within me that can only be discovered if I stop holding my breath?

A tender voice inside beckons me

Come now, surprise yourself, she says.

Choose to trust in the Divine Love that wants to hold you close

Rising and falling in synchronicity with your breath

Do you feel the familiarity of this tenderness?

Trust is a choice to experience the present in its infinite possibility

When I step into this invitation my cells start vibrating with a frequency that heals me from within

It is the arrival home to my heart

Filling me with hope, love and peace

Her voice rises again to my consciousness

What do you choose, beloved?

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