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A Workshop Presented by
Dr. Carolyn L. Mein, author of “Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils”
LeeYen Anderson, Young Living Diamond Leader


Wednesday July 17, 2024
Hyatt Regency – Salt Lake City
4:30 – 6:30 PM Mountain Time
Attend in Person or via Zoom | $55 (includes many discounts detailed below)

Carolyn Mein and LeeYen Anderson invite you to Grow your Young Living Business with According to Your Body Type.


Carolyn Mein’s 25 Body Type System ™ includes a detailed personality profile for each Body Type which can be very useful in business.  


Knowing your Body Type and the Body Types of the Brand Partners in your organization can inform your strategies as you grow your Young Living team. Join us as we discuss the types of work that each Body Type is suited for and how you can create a coherent organization by encouraging each Brand Partner to focus on the areas that they are most comfortable with and passionate about. 


There are many types of leaders, some prefer to work in the background while others thrive in the limelight. Allowing each of us to stay authentic to our styles can be a factor in avoiding burnout as we work to achieve our goals.


Before attending, it would be helpful to know your Body Type if you don’t already.  The online Body Type test is a separate purchase.  Upon registration for the workshop you’ll receive a link for 50% off ($10 off) your Body Type test.


Discounts for Participants:

  • 50% off ($10 off) your Body Type test
  • $25 off the $199 Lifetime Membership to Oils Lookup
  • 5% off ($94 off) the 12-week Emotional Wisdom with Essential Oils Coach Training for Fall 2024
  • Discounts to other online courses offered by Dr. Carolyn Mein and LeeYen Anderson


This is a hands-on workshop, and the essential oils will be provided for those who attend in person.  Those attending on Zoom will receive a list of the oils upon registration.


All attendees (both in-person and on Zoom) will receive access to a recording of the workshop within a week.  


Please note that due to the nature of this event and the need to secure the space, refunds will not be provided.  Registrants who miss the event will have access to the recording.


Participant Feedback

"(After) attending the Ignite Your Brand Partner Journey July 15, 2023... I've shared that teaching three times with groups here in my home since Convention, and I watched it LIVE when it happened. I'm thinking it was one of the most important classes that I took last year." - Marty B.

Grow your Young Living Business According to your Body Type


Discount on Coach Training

  • Because of the nature of this event and the need to secure the event space, there will be no refunds given. You will be able to access the recording even if you do not attend in person. The recording will be available 7 days after the event. 

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