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Remembering Our Divinity with the Sacred Waters of Mt. Shasta

In this potent equinox season, you are invited to join as soul family to partake in this gathering at the sacred site of Mt. Shasta from September 21-28, 2023. We are called to remember our Divinity and to contribute our light in synergy to activate our prayers for planetary peace and to assist humanity with raising our consciousness.

Mt. Shasta, as one of the sacred sites of Mother Earth, act like an acupuncture point that can be stimulated by our intentional presence to shift into Higher Consciousness. We are the vessels in which to channel these Divine Energies through the gridlines, amplifying Divine Light and Unconditional Love on our planet. Our ancestors left us a great gift, knowing that the time of our remembrance would come.

Together we will strengthen our connection to our Higher Selves while we are held by the powerful energies of this sacred mountain, inter-dimensional beings, and our Soul Lineage. The sacred waters of Mt. Shasta will be instrumental in guiding us as we allow ourselves to receive her Majestic Intelligence. We will also receive Direct Revelation through ceremonies of connecting with Plant and Fungi Medicine, in the form of herbs and essential oils.

All genders welcome. Scroll down to read more details.

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Mt. Shasta

September 21-28, 2023

LeeYen Anderson, Anela Watson, Ellen Wier & Neil Mallinson


Day 2 - Day 7: 7am to 9pm

In Person Day Passes

$444 for 1 All-Day Pass, $1,222 for 3 All-Day Pass




In Person / Virtual

LeeYen Anderson, Anela Watson, Ellen Wier & Neil Mallinson



This Retreat  Includes:

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An All-Day Pass Includes (See Proposed Agenda Below)

~ Access to a private10 acre center

~ Professional Attention & Guidance from 4 Experienced Facilitators

~ Wholesome, Organic and Delicious Vegan Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Food

~ Sauna, Hot Mineral Baths, Cold Mineral Waters Plunge

~ Sacred Site Field Trips on Days 2, 5 and 6

~ Deep Meditative Ceremonies

~ Star/Night Sky Meditations on Day 6

~ Plenty of time to rest and integrate

~ Optional Add-On: Private Integration Session with Practitioner of Choice

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This experience is for:

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