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LeeYen Anderson

Soul Coherence Guide, Founder of Scentsible Lifestyle Association

LeeYen hosts Global Retreats, Private Sessions, Group Events and Courses - in-person and virtually. Her deepest intention is to empower individuals to engage their senses as a portal to intuitive flow, a place of wholeness from which they can live your highest potential.

Her meaningful work is manifested because of the Grace of the Divine that is present in all beings, including the elements of nature, plants, crystals, sound, light and thought. She rests in the frequency of Gratitude and is so thankful for anyone joining her on this mysterious and beautiful journey of life.

LeeYen is a Board Licensed Spiritual Healer and Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist, a Certified Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach, a Certified Nutrition Consultant and a Certified Aroma Yoga Teacher.

LeeYen Anderson
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