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Image by Karsten Winegeart


It is my belief that wellness is about emanating a frequency field from our hearts that is coherent and harmonious. We are in the realm of wellness when we radiantly shine our unique creative genius into the world, with the ability to access our internal resources amidst external change in full acceptance and contentment.


It is about living this life that we have chosen with full responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions. Wellness is a journey of walking the path of deep contemplative practices that transmutes us through our shadows and harmful emotional patterns into showing up with integrity in the field of loving awareness.


Wellness is also to be in radical acceptance of our human tendencies and to embrace ourselves with forgiving compassion. To live with our bodies as sacred temples of devotion to the miracle of life.


Thank you for being here with me as we explore what that means for each of us.

Image by Vero Photoart

Embodied Wellness

Living with  an empowered trust in our bodies as sacred temples of healing intelligence 

Third Eye

Energetic Wellness

Merging into Light from Source and creating from a harmonic and coherent frequency of love from our hearts 

Image by Victoria

Emotional Wellness

Relaxing into a state of compassion and understanding for ourselves and others

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