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LeeYen is devoted to the meaningful work of empowering people to live from the heart; radiating loving kindness while creating a life that expresses their highest potential. Her heartfelt wish is for everyone to ground into a sense of simplicity as a way of life, and to experience resilience while receiving abundance with ease and grace. These courses are designed to spark the light of Divinity within, to create spaciousness in the body in order to be a conscious embodied presence and to engage with our senses and emotional body as a path to wholeness.

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Upcoming Courses


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On-Demand Courses
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Emotional Wisdom with Essential Oils Coach

 Become an

Get certified as an Emotional Wisdom with Essential Oils Coach with Dr. Carolyn Mein, D.C., Author of Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils, and Creator of the Body Type System™, and LeeYen Tan Anderson, MPIA, CNC, LSH Certified Aromatherapy Coach and Certified Coach Trainer. This course can facilitate transformative change in your connection with your emotional body in relationship to yourself and others. 

This course includes:

  • Over 50 hours of recorded live classes including lessons, instruction, and practice - with lifetime access

  • Over 20 hours of additional pre-recorded content

  • Extensive course materials and presentations

  • Access to online forum with other students

  • Your personalized body type profile

  • Streaming access to Chakra Harmony video

  • Promotional rate for first year Oils Lookup subscription

  • Access to an online forum with other students

  • 2 live Q&A calls with Dr. Carolyn Mein and LeeYen Anderson (see schedule below)

  • Access to 1 alumni call per quarter (upon completion of course)

  • Coach Certification undersigned by Carolyn Mein and LeeYen Anderson - optional, upon completion of course requirements

Using the 25 Body Type System, you will grow in identifying the emotional patterns of your Body Type through awareness of your dominant gland, organ or system. After this 12-week training, you will be equipped with a process to support yourself and other's awareness unconscious emotional patterns...recognizing freeing pathways forward using essential oils to clear harmful cellular memories.

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