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Cacao tree - Learn about the healing modalities and divine purpose of LeeYen Anderson


I was asked once what my happiest memories of childhood is. The vision that comes up in my mind is one of me running in a field with the breeze blowing in my face. I see colorful butterflies flitting about and hovering over beautiful flowers. 

Growing up I had a deep longing to go out in nature. I remember spending10 days at an Outward Bound camp when I was 10 years old. At that camp, I was on a scramble run through the jungle on a muddy trail. I specifically stopped to help others to cross over a muddy downhill section safely before I continued running.

One more memory that is etched in my mind is when I was 12 and on a field trip to a local cacao farm. I remember taking a picture with a cacao tree and just feeling so connected with it. 

I believe these memories are signposts along the way of life, revealing to me the gifts that are waiting to unfold on my path. In my healing modalities, I support people to connect through their hearts with the Divine Feminine qualities present in Mother Nature so they can feel safe, supported and guided from within as they live out their Divine Purpose here on Earth. 



Soul Coherence Guidance Sessions will include any combination of the following modalities that LeeYen has been trained in. 
LeeYen facilitates sacred space for you to experience mystical guidance and empowerment to live creatively from a loving and radiant heart in alignment with your natural state of being in Unity Consciousness. 

Applied Vitaflex: Young Living Essential Oils are applied topically to support the heart, respiratory, lymph, ear, hip/atlas, digestive and brain systems and organs. 

Arcturian Healing Light: An Energy Attunement that streams upper dimensional light and frequency into your energy system. The light and frequency will intelligently know where to go to attune the body to balance. 

BaGuaZhang Shen Gung Internal Martial Arts: The origin of Bagua is Tibetan Bon Shamanism which includes the practice of walking circular mandalas, chanting mantras and holding mudras or sacred postures and hands. A magical dance of vortexes played in physical poetry and woven on a circle. The 64 changes of Bagua relate to the 64 codons of DNA. The 8 trigrams which correspond to the 8 forces of nature relate to the 8 psychic channels of the human body. Shen Gung is a practice guided by our hearts.

Emotional Wisdom with Essential Oils: Young Living Essential Oils are used to facilitate the reprogramming our DNA and unlocking our innate Emotional Wisdom. The 3 phases of Emotional Release: Balancing & Opening, Clearing & Releasing and Grounding & Reprogramming. We access the stored emotions in the glands and organs through acupuncture alarm points and the limbic system through inhaling essential oils.

Gene Keys Guidance: Using your hologenetic profile as a map, we enter into a contemplative time together of deep inquiry into the gifts that lay within your DNA, unlocking your infinite potential to support you in living your Higher Purpose.

Genius Insight Quantum BioFeedback:  Identifies potential imbalances and disorders in all aspects of your physical and mental well-being to provide you with focused rebalancing options to restore harmony in your body’s energy field.

Guided Shamanic Journeywork: Guided Journeys into the Spirit World to receive messages and to deepen our relationship with our Aumakua (Higher Selves) often with the helping spirits of the Plant, Fungi, Animal, Crystal Kingdom.and/or Celestial and Cosmic Spirits. 

iTovi Scan: Learn which essential oils are biologically preferred by your body to bring it into an optimal state. We use an iTovi Scan to generate a personalized report for you.

Leadership & Life Coaching: We are all Leaders of our own lives. Leadership is about the art of listening. You have the answers within you and in the form of messages appearing in your life. Our sessions will take you through practices that reveal to you the ways that your Higher Self is working through you to co-create Heaven on Earth. To grow as a leader, we will work on transmuting your emotional shadows into the gifts that will propel your leadership to new heights. If you are ready to be guided to live your Highest Potential, this virtual session can allow your authentic self to reveal to you the way that you have always known within you.

Raindrop Technique: Young Living Essential Oils are applied topically to the spine, neck and feet. The numerous benefits include: balancing and realigning the energy centers of the body, reducing stress and minor anxiety, supporting the body's natural response to irritation and injury and easing muscle discomfort after exercise.

Sound Healing: We are Musical Beings in a Musical Universe. Our bodies vibrate to different frequencies that we can receive from sound bowls, drums, rattles, guitars, ukulele and other musical instruments to support the transmutation of energy blockages within. Our activated and empowered voice contributes to this process through singing, chanting, affirming, decreeing and transmitting Divinely Guided Messages. 

Wellness Coaching: Your body holds miraculous intelligence within. I support you to make informed choices about what we feed ourselves, through food, supplements and Young Living Essential Oils. I will coach you to support your wellness by learning how to respond to physical signals from the body from an empowered heart. 

Watercolor Wash Transparent


This healing with LeeYen opens up another belief system which I have always held on to, but have not faced it yet. As I hear the voice message from LeeYen, I teared because it hits the core of me. Her message was so clear and answered my own self doubt, my own self berating and my own reason to be strong and independent. I still need to deconstruct this, and this session opens up the doors and the void that i always have.


Waterfall down green rocks in a forest, Image by Daniel Vargas - Healing Modalities of LeeYen Anderson
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