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Clear teapot and cup - Book a Virtual Tea with LeeYen Anderson


I am so delighted you have arrived in this sacred space.


Let me ask you a question. What if you knew deep down inside that you are loved completely and unconditionally?


What would you do differently if you lived from a place of believing wholeheartedly that you are lovable and loved? 

Today, I send you love, from the light in my heart to the light in yours.

Do you feel the tugging in your heart? You do know that you are here to contribute to a better future for our planet, right?


The world is waiting for your unique gifts.

We can walk towards your empowerment hand in hand. 

I am delighted to sit down for a 30 minute Virtual Tea with you to connect and create magic together for your highest good. 


Mahalo for your interest in my meaningful work. Come with an open heart and a cup of tea! 

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