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Emotional Wisdom Coach Training

Get certified as an Emotional Wisdom with Essential Oils Coach with Dr. Carolyn Mein, D.C., Author of Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils, and Creator of the Body Type System™, and LeeYen Tan Anderson, MPIA, CNC, LSH Certified Aromatherapy Coach and Certified Coach Trainer.

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Course Info
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One time payment $1,888


3 month Payment Plan $666 


Your Invitation to Join the Course

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Invest in Yourself

This training will change the way you relate to yourself and others. Learn to understand the messages from your emotional body and coach others to do the same.

Imagine if you can understand people's different motivations and characteristics of using the 25 Body Type System. Being aware of your dominant gland, organ or system is an ideal place to start identifying the emotional patterns of your Body Type.


After this 12-week training, you will be equipped with a protocol in which to hold space for someone to gain awareness of an unconscious emotional pattern to recognize...understanding the way out and to clear the cellular memory stored in the body using essential oils. 

Certification is optional and requires the fulfillment of certain criteria within 12 months of registration and the payment of a certification fee of $111. More details below.

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In this 12-week Training Course with Dr. Carolyn Mein and LeeYen Tan Anderson, you will receive:


  • Over 50 hours of recorded live classes including lessons, instruction, and practice - with lifetime access

  • Over 20 hours of pre-recorded content 

  • Extensive course materials and presentations

  • Access to an online forum with other students

  • Your personalized BodyType Profile Report

  • Streaming access to Chakra Harmony video

  • Promotional rate for first year Oils Lookup subscription

  • Coach Certification for qualified students signed by Dr. Carolyn Mein​ and LeeYen Anderson

  • Successful completion also earns a business profile listing on Dr Mein's website

  • Access to 3 live Q&A calls with Dr. Carolyn Mein and LeeYen Anderson (see above for dates and times)

  • Access to 1 alumni call per quarter upon completion of course

Student Paper Writing

Certification Requirements

  • View all pre-recorded lessons and 1 recorded live call from each week

  • Complete weekly homework

  • Submit 2 videos of you coaching 2 different people (max 20 min)

  • Complete 3 Case Studies

  • Click Complete on every lesson on the online course site

  • Attend at least 2 Q&A calls

  • Pay certification fee of $111


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Certification Benefits

  • Charge your clients for sessions

  • Eligibility for discounted Body Type Tests 

  • Directory listing as a Certified Coach

  • Membership to the Certified Coaches online forum where you can exchange ideas and/or continue your coaching experience

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Course Modules

Explore the Course

Introduction to Emotional Release with Essential Oils

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Dr. Carolyn Mein is an internationally recognized author and speaker, holding degrees in Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Applied Nutrition, and Bio-Nutrition.  She is a charter member of the International College of Applied Kinesiology.  She has authored many books, including “Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils” and “Different Bodies, Different Diets”.  She has maintained a private practice in Rancho Santa Fe, California for over 25 years.  

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LeeYen Anderson is a Phd Student of Depth Psychology, a Gene Keys Guide, a Certified Aromatherapy Coach, a Licensed Spiritual Healer and a Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist. She is a coach trainer in the modality of Emotional Release with Essential Oils as taught by Dr. Carolyn Mein. She teaches alongside Dr. Mein in their online course, Emotional Wisdom with Essential Oils Coach Training. LeeYen is also trained and certified as a Wayfinder Life Coach, a Qi Gong & Yoga teacher, an Energy Healer and a Nutrition Consultant. LeeYen has been exploring these various wellness modalities since 2014 and is a Young Living Diamond Brand Partner. Her foundations of Economics and Finance, International Environmental Policy and Management of Non-Profit Organizations allow her to bridge the wellness dimension and the institutional world.  

What Attendees Say...

“For the past three years, I have been on a journey of spiritual transformation. I’ve learned a lot about how our emotions are connected to our physical health, but no source I have encountered has explained this so clearly and completely as this one. It was truly the missing link in all I’ve learned so far. What Dr. Mein had uncovered is absolutely mind blowing. Dr. Mein and LeeYen are a powerful duo. They have an amazing amount of wisdom and experience to draw from.”

Tani Bennett, Health Coach

Course Supplies

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Vivian Torres Reflexologist, Nurse, and Aromatherapist

Vivian Torres, 30+ year Nurse, Reflexologist, Aromatherapist

I entered this course with some basic knowledge and use of using essential oils but came away with a whole new level of learning. The beauty and special gifts that the oils bring into our lives were brought to life by Lee Yen and Dr. Mein.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge regarding the value  of our oils in contributing to healing mind and body.


Dena Maxmillan Edmund,
Young Living Diamond Brand Partner 

One of the best course I have attended. From just wanting to understand my emotions and how to deal with them leads me to more wisdom in releasing past emotional. My greatest take always is when I understand that core emotional issue can be identified and released. through identifying my body type and working on each of the issues. It’s a breakthrough. This will help more people break from their own emotional bondages.

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Amanda Arlin,
Human Development Practitioner

 I am so grateful that I participated in this Emotional Wisdom course. This important for the knowledge and skill to coach and help others. But the most important thing is I am flowing and progressing in my own emotion. I may have thought I knew myself, but through this course I found a better understanding of who am I, and that I am on a journey in God's vessel to be a better person for my family and others. Thank you so much Dr. Carolyn Mein & LeeYen Anderson for teaching & sharing.

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