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Anela Watson

Energy Realignment Practitioner / Intuitive Life Coach

In 2022, Anela left Hawai’i to venture out into the world on a personal “Vision Quest”. She sold her house and everything she owned, put complete trust in the Universe, and is now living in an RV. During her travels she has created a deeper relationship to herself and to Mother Earth. She has connected to her own Divinity and is learning how to merge it deep into her physical being. She has also been learning about different cultures, not only here in the United States, but in other countries, experiencing other indigenous cultures, and consciously blending them with her own. While traveling, she is still offering healing work for people and doing grid work for the earth. She works in the quantum field and is guided and assisted by her Star Lineage and Angelic Beings.

As a practitioner, it is her kuleana to be a vessel, and to do the work with the highest intent of Love. She works directly with her Higher Self, Source/Creator/God, and her I Am Presence. When someone comes to her for a session, she does not simply treat the symptoms. She assists the person in achieving balance through clearing and realigning the energy bodies and dissolving the energetic conditions that manifested as symptoms in the physical and subtle bodies.

She strives to assist in guiding others in their highest alignment with their Divine Soul Self by intuitively receiving guidance from their Higher Self helping them align to their souls’ purpose. Her soul mission in life is to assist humanity in the awakening shift in consciousness. She is grateful to be a conduit of Divine Love and a part of the interconnectedness that occurs when the facilitator, client and Source interact and bring healing forth.

Select Holistic Therapy:
DNA Activation and Recalibration, Cellular Repatterning, Brain Balancing, Quantum Healing, Entity Clearing, Chakra Activation (Alignments and Balancing), Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Medical Intuitive, Channeling, Meditation, Sound Therapy, Spiritual Counseling, Ancestral Healing, Plant Medicine

Anela Watson
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