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Mother Earth is Longing for You

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Is Life overwhelming you right now, Dear One?

Divine Timing has ordained that you read this Love Note of mine to you.

You are Infinitely Loved just as all Living Beings are.

Your Beautiful Joyful Pure Spirit is yearning to be Alive again just as when you were first born.

Take my hand so I can help you walk upright again.

I will listen to your troubles and gently melt away your pain with the essence of Mother Nature herself.

Together, we will release your fear and let it seep into the Earth, allowing it to be transmuted into Hope.

The frequency of doubt that is on repeat for you is not strong enough to stay coherent in the presence of Trust and Love.

Together, we will upgrade your vibration into one of Abundance that attracts overflowing blessings of Gifts; from the Universe, no less.

The Earth is an ally in our Sacred Transformation.

I will anoint you with the closest, tangible substance we have on Earth to the Spirit of All Encompassing Love.

As our cells are flooded with the essential LifeBlood of Sacred Plants with Sacred Intention, Magic is called upon and shows up to its full potential of Perfect Functioning.

Safety, Stability and Groundedness appear, eager to be of service and to allow you to withstand the storms that are on the horizon.

You will notice that your response to the weather will be different than what you have experienced before.

After all, the Deep Trust you have cultivated in our time together, the Sacred Breath that courses through your Being with Intention, and the Essential Oils of the Sacred Plants will accompany you as you walk in the dark of the storm.

Experiencing the turbulence with your renewed perspective creates pathways for more Gifts to arrive to show you the way Home.

Come, Dear One, Mother Earth is Longing for You and has been waiting patiently for this day to arrive.

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