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Part 3: Purest Quality

Updated: Jul 6

Young Living Essential Oils is the only company I have come across that meets and exceeds the standards that I value as listed out in Part 2: Determining Quality.

Young Living was the pioneer of the modern essential oils movement and was founded over 27 years ago in 1993. At the heart of Young Living are their corporate-owned and partner farms around the world. Young Living's founder D. Gary Young (1949 - 2018) was first and foremost a farmer and his connection to nature and plants was the driving force behind the growth of Young Living.

Young Living customers can visit their farms anywhere in the world. Here I am at Haloa Aina, the Sandalwood Reforestation Project on the Big Island of Hawai'i planting a Sandalwood seedling.

Watch this 6 minute Seed to Seal Video

I purchase my essential oils from Young Living as it is grown beyond organic standards and has a stringent ethical component to their Seed to Seal policies as stewards of Mother Earth. Their essential oils are from plants grown free from chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and are never diluted or adulterated. Every single batch is run through 20+ tests at their labs onsite at the farms and again at their corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. Any batch that does not meet the standards are discarded.

Gary Young was mentored by French Aromatherapists in the '90s and Young Living embraces the French Methods of partnering with an essential oil, the every essence of Spirit manifested. There is a lot of stories to relate but the summary is that they grow from seed versus cloning, they own some farms which allow for strict adherence to their ethics, they partner with small family farms which allow for transfer of knowledge and the farm's livelihood is taken care of, they test multiple times to ensure it is pure and unadulterated and they have distillation practices that honor the life cycle of the plant and the constituents. Absolutely no toxins, pesticides or herbicides, they use their own essential oils to maintain harmony on the land and bees and sheep in others.

As I mentioned in Part 1 of this series, I have used essential oils since I was 19 years old. I have used essential oils from the companies as listed below:

Young Living Essential Oils™ doTerra® Floracopeia

Aura Cacia® NOW Foods®

The Body Shop

Single batch artisan essential oils from Farmer's Markets around the world

Ultimately my body responded positively to Young Living Essential Oils, recognizing the purity and the high frequency of the living energy of the plants that have been grown with love and caring attention. Listen in to your body and you will feel it too!

If you are ready to start today, head over here to shop. I am so excited to share with you on how these essential oils have changed me and my family's lives, not to mention the 8 million customers Young Living has worldwide!

Please read our website disclaimer here.

Click here to go to Part 3 of this series to read about my own journey of using essential oils.

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