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a transformational retreat for sisters

Join us in Mama India for our SoulSong Revival Retreat as we connect with the Tantric practice of merging Shakti and Shiva where meditation becomes an intimate connection with our daily rhythm of breathing, eating, laughing, walking, sleeping, singing, dancing and chanting.

Our immersive exploration into love as devotion will weave in the intention of accessing the balanced Divine Energies within ourselves through the play of Yoga/Qi Gong, Song, Chant, Breathwork, Meditation, Plant Spirit Connection, Journeywork and Sacred Sites Gridwork. 


Guided by mantras and stories from the ancient Sutras and the Vedas, we will sing to the light in our heart that lives in the cosmic spaciousness of consciousness so we can live in harmony with our unique SoulSong in this lifetime. 


We will sit in Sacred Ceremony with the Plant Spirits of Bobinsana, Cacao and high frequency pure essential oils that have been used since ancient times in Ayurveda such as Davana, Sacred Sandalwood and many more.

Scroll down for all the details!

with Lindsey Wise and LeeYen Anderson as your hosts
Lalita Lee as your Travel Angel
February 1 - 11 2023

We will journey to
the birth place of Ayurveda
God's Own Country
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Journey with us to Mama India as we collectively sing to the light in our heart
that lives in the cosmic spaciousness of consciousness so we can live in harmony with our unique Soul Song.

Investment USD $3,333 for shared room
USD $1,111 due today

Contact us for a Customized Payment Plan

This 10-Day Package includes:

  • 10 nights at Deepanjali Ayurvedic Retreat in Kerala

  • (Mostly) Organic & Sattvic Vegetarian meals (with options for dietary preferences)

  • 2 daily Satsang from Day 2 to Day 10 with Lindsey and LeeYen except on travel or field trip days 

  • Yoga/Qi Gong every morning with Lindsey or LeeYen except on travel or field trip days

  • Nightly Meditation except on travel or field trip days

  • Soul Revival Song Ceremonies with Bobinsana, Cacao and Young Living Essential Oils

  • Singing, Dancing, Chanting, Sound Healing

  • 3 field trips to Sacred Sites

  • Ayurvedic Consultation with On-Site Doctors

  • Daily Ayurvedic Treatments except for travel days and field trip days

  • All transport to and from airport, retreat center and field trips

  • Gifts and Surprises! 


Plant Spirit Teachers


One of my most favorite, beloved teachers is Bobinsana. Although I’ll admit that I was first intrigued by her gift of activating song lines and supporting singing, I quickly learned that she’s a deep, potent catalyst of healing grief, bringing more oxygen to the heart. She opens the heart!

Bobinsana is known to support lucid dreaming, helping you to connect with your guides and bring presence to the unseen, forgotten realms of consciousness that are ready for your presence, self healing, and love.


There are too many other benefits to name in this post but a few more favorites are the immune support, cure for colds, healing all sorts of uterus conditions, and even healing arthritic symptoms! Wowza.

“Sirenita Bobinsana ~ the little mermaid” grows in the rivers of the Amazon and is full of LOVE.


Cacao is a powerful and sacred plant medicine that has been used ceremonially for thousands of years across Central and South America. The active constituent in Cacao is theobromine, which truly means the ‘Food of the Gods.’

Our sacred cacao ceremonies are an opportunity to set powerful intentions and raise consciousness as we partake of ceremonial-grade Guatemalan cacao.

We'll sing, we'll dance, we'll experience what it is to be alive.

- Lindsey Wise


Davana is native to Southern India and is has been used by Ayurvedic healers for thousands of years. Davana blossoms are offered in India to the Hindu Lord Shiva, the God of Transformation. The flowers are made into garlands for ceremonies and blossoms decorate the altars. 

Davana's rich yet soft feminine quality brings balance and opens the heart chakra to change. The essential oil has a calming presence and fosters positive change and transformation through the heart. Davana essential oils literally "energenetically" taps into the dna patterns to promote change. Davana will be a potent Spirit Helper in our retreat to merge our balanced Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine qualities into Unity Consciousness. 


Sandalwood is another plant that has been a part of Ayurveda for centuries. In India, the scent of Sandalwood wafts through nearly every Hindu home and temple. The wood is carved into prayer beads, ground into powder to make paste for anointing the forehead, and reverently placed on funeral pyres. It is believed to have cooling and soothing properties, and to direct one’s attention toward the divine realms.Young Living's Sacred Sandalwood is sourced from its partner farm in Australia in an effort to avoid contributing to the deforestation of Sandalwood in India.  


Sandalwood enhances meditation and prayer. It can support us into reaching the center of our being, WuJi or the void. This state allows for greater intuition and sense of awareness, particularly when opening up to and learning unconditional love. Sandalwood supports us to access the cellular memory of past live experiences. Sandalwood can also enhance our ability to visualize in our journeywork.

Plant Teachers
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Agenda (Subject to Change)

Wed Feb 1 Day 1 -  Arrival in Kerala, Check in to Deepanjali

Thur Feb 2 Day 2 -  Deepanjali

Fri Feb 3 Day 3 -  Deepanjali

Sat Feb 4 Day 4 -  Deepanjali

Sun Feb 5 Day 5 -  Deepanjali (Field Trip Day)

Mon Feb 6 Day 6 -  Deepanjali (Full Moon Ceremony)

Tue Feb 7 Day 7 -  Deepanjali (Field Trip Day)

Wed Feb 8 Day 8 -  Deepanjali

Thur Feb 9 Day 9 -  Deepanjali (Field Trip Day)

Fri Feb 10 Day 10 - Deepanjali

Sat Feb 11 Day 11 -  Departure Flights

Retreat Spaces

Retreat Space


Meditation Hall



Private Bathrooms

Personalized Meals

Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurvedic Herbs

Butterfly in Garden

Deepanjali Ayurvedic Retreat is a holistic wellness resort dedicated to welcoming their guests with light of the lamp and the spiritual essence present in this space. Deepanjali is situated in a picturesque village surrounded by peace and tranquility. You will be among the calming greens of fruit trees and bird-song by day and accompanied to bed by the night sky full of stars and fireflies. 

The retreat is a sanctuary to wellness, kindness, mindfulness and nature. There is little to no disturbance, so you can completely focus on what your body, mind and spirit need to relax and rejuvenate.

Our group will have exclusive use of the retreat space. We will have consultations scheduled with residential doctors and 2 daily Ayurvedic treatments except on field trip and travel days. Read more about Deepanjali here.


Retreat Pricing

Double Occupancy

  • 11-day Retreat Package is USD $3,333 for Double Occupancy

    • 3 Monthly Payments of $1,111 available until Nov 22

Single Occupancy

  • There will be limited Private Single Occupancy Rooms available​

  • 11-day Retreat Package is USD $3,999 for Single Occupancy

  • We are sold out of Single Rooms - contact us to be put on the waitlist


Retreat Policies

  • Due to the nature of this event and because we have obligations to pay the resort to secure your room, please read the refund and cancellation policies below carefully

    • Until Aug 31 2002

      • Full refunds less USD $200 processing fee for cancellations

    • Sep 1 2022 until Nov 1 2022

      • Full refunds less USD $999/$1,222 deposit for cancellations

    • After Nov 1 2022

      • No refunds will be given

  • If you default on your second or third payment, your place may be offered to someone else and you’ll forfeit the deposit of USD $999/$1,222.

  • In the highly unlikely event that the retreat is canceled on our part, your money and your deposit will be returned minus an administrative fee of USD $100.

  • Scentsible Lifestyle Association as represented by LeeYen Anderson, The Conscious Travelers as represented by Lalita Lee, ShamamaWise as represented an Lindsey Wise and any and all other associated organizers, facilitators, venue owners, and management are not responsible for any personal injury or illness. We encourage you to come prepared with your own health and/or travel insurance. We recommend adding CFAR as an add-on to your insurance. These are two companies that we recommend: 

  • Our Tentative Agenda is subject to change.

Travel Logistics


Before boarding the plane from your home country, you’ll need to complete an Air Suvida Self declaration to be mandatorily filled by all international arriving passengers to India Click here   Accommodation address that is needed to complete the Air Suvida form will be provided by Lalita Lee ( Travel  Angel).  Please make sure to print a copy of the form, to present to the agent at the time of boarding the plane to  India. Any questions about Air Suvida CLICK HERE

Upload to the Air Suvida form- a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR report -The test should have been conducted within 72 hrs prior to undertaking the journey, from your final departure from the USA, OR a Certificate of completing the full primary vaccination schedule of COVID-19 vaccination. Important to remember that if you are required to take the COVID -19 RT-PCR  test it MUST BE 72hours from your last exit point in the USA departing to India. Example Say you depart from Los Angeles at 7 am and then stop in New York, the test must be 72 hours from your departure in New York.     


Stay up to date on India Entry Requirements with this report HERE.

Lalita Lee is our Travel Angel and she will be in touch to support your travel logistics in order for your arrival and departure from India and all the travel in between to transpire with grace and ease.​

Lalita's contact details are are follows: 

+1-808-291-2172 WhatsApp

Please check your email inbox /spam and/or promotions folder for an email from Lalita once you register. She will send you a form to fill out for your Indian Visa, Internal Flights, and dietary preferences. You will be asked to sign a Terms and Conditions Agreement as well.

Lalita can guide you on choosing an appropriate flight for yourself from your home to New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL). She will be at the airport personally to pick you up to meet our group at our first hotel in Delhi.

Here is Lalita's message to you:

When you’re traveling, there’s a lot of pressure to say yes to every opportunity, and some of the best travel memories come from the moments when you’ve tried something new—but that doesn’t mean you always have to say yes. Never doubt your instincts. India has something of a reputation for many people having a love-hate relationship with the country. While traveling in India, you're likely to fluctuate between the two. You will see tragic things that break your heart, children begging, animals suffering in the streets. You will also see sights that bring up a unique type of happiness as well as many other feelings. There is no place like India. The very fact that you’ve chosen to go to India means you are open-minded and ready to learn and explore. Please know that we are here to support you and should you need to speak with someone to help process your feeling. We respect you and your feelings. You matter. 


Retreat Facilitators

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Following the birth of my first child, I bled to death. During this Near-Death Experience, I found myself surrounded by multitudes of light beings, who initiated me into the world of subtle energies and healing vibrations. At that moment, I realized that all beings create their own unique vibration—their soul song. Each person’s soul song makes up the great Choir of Life.

My work is to awaken humanity to the healing power of their unique sound. I have traveled the world and the astral realms, cultivating healing techniques to help people awaken to the power of their own voice and to the healer within.


I blend ritual, breathwork, guided journeys, sound healing, yoga and community song. I call this Ceremonial Energy Medicine.


You can read more about Lindsey here:

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LeeYen Anderson's meaningful work in this lifetime is to walk hand in hand with beautiful souls, creating sacred space for all to feel safe, supported and relaxed.


​She is passionate about facilitating experiences where those who are ready to receive the love and compassion from the Divine, are able to heal through a surrendered process of inner alchemy that harnesses the intelligence of our body which is our sacred temple in this lifetime.


LeeYen works in partnership with Plant Spirits, Crystal Angels and Sound Vibrations in order to awaken, attune and activate our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. Soul Coherence is our natural state when we are in unity with the light within us that is the same light of the cosmos. In this state of unity, we are more able to respond to the opportunities that are shown to us as we exist in a state of beingness and receptivity.

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It can be traced back to a timeless childhood moment. When I close my eyes, I am instantly there, running through a maze of incense-scented alleys in villages in India, where roadside snacks tease my taste buds with flavors of cloves and cardamom. Where cows roam freely in the streets, places where every day is an excuse for a celebration.

As a girl, my destiny found me standing in this gorgeous, swirling chaos, melodramatic. These sights, flavors, and sounds wove themselves into the fiber of my early life, and this is what I want to share with you.


India holds the dualities, the tangible reverence for the Divine next to the hustle and bustle of a crowded market, in such an apparent way, making the opposing forces that exist within each one of us so much more apparent.


I am so honored and excited to share with you an unforgettable journey to India.

Lalita Lee , Your Travel Angel 



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